Student housing – deposits

Most private rented landlords require students to pay a deposit as a condition of letting accommodation. The deposit acts as security against non-payment of rent or damage to the property.

Make sure you have an inventory

An inventory is a list of the furniture and fittings provided in your home. It should specify the condition of items and of the property generally.

Having an inventory can help prevent disputes about the deposit at the end of the tenancy. It’s best to have a written inventory that is signed by you and the landlord when you move in.

If your landlord provides an inventory, check it carefully before signing it. If it isn’t accurate and you agree to it, the discrepancies could be deducted from your deposit when the tenancy ends.

If your landlord doesn’t provide an inventory, you should draw one up yourself and ask the landlord or an independent witness to sign it.

It’s also useful to take photographs to accompany the inventory.

Useful information can be viewed here from the Citizens Advice Bereau

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