Blind Safety Regulations

Brief Guide to 2014 Blind Safety Regulations

As from 1st October 2014, all pull cords for all blinds (whether old or newly fitted) must be 1 ½ meters from the floor to avoid posing a health and safety issue.

Any blind that has cords that form a loop must have either a small safety bracket or cleat hook on the wall to enable the cords to be secured/taut, with no ‘give’ to pose a possible choking problem.

New blinds will be either safe by design, have in built safety systems or be supplied with separate safety systems.

Limitations are now placed on cord lengths and safety devices will prevent cords/chains from forming a hazardous loop. Blinds already fitted must also comply.

Blind cords should be secured at least 1.5 meters from the floor. The cord should be fixed in a taut position. There are a number of safety devices available that are cheap and easy to fix.

Something simple such as a cleat hook, fixed to the wall, can enable to cord to be secured out of reach.

  • Chain break connector – many blinds already have these as part of the pulley controls. These break apart when pressure is applied but can be snapped back together each time. These can easily be fitted in a couple of minutes.
  • Cord/chain tidy – these can be fixed to the wall so that the cord is taut, high enough to be out of a child’s reach.

For more information on blind cord safety and pictures/video of various safety devices go to the British Blind and Shutter Association website: